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A Financial Firm Unlike the Others

Our Mission

Perhaps you’ve had a late night “aha!” moment sitting at your kitchen table, staring at your budget or your bank accounts. “This would be so much easier if I had an expert to ask.”  Exactly!

Imagine how many hours you’d gain, no longer spent on research. But, how should you go about choosing a financial planner? You certainly want a firm with a solid reputation, experience, and most importantly, someone you can trust. At Vista Del Mar Wealth Management, we approach everything with your best interests at heart.  Here’s what you’ll experience when you work with us:

Commitment. Our loyalty is to you, and not just you, but your entire family. We make time to cultivate strong, long-term relationships and create financial plans with your values and identity at the core. 

Experience. Mahalene Dulay, our Founder, has been serving people from all walks of life in the financial industry for more than eleven years. She is dedicated to serving all clients for the long-term; our firm is here to stay.

Values. What you treasure most in life is what motivates you. Our core values lie in family, activism and fostering connections with the world.

Growth-Focused. Your goals are our only motivation. We never settle; instead we are constantly adjusting your strategy to align with your destination. When you win, we win.

Influence. We believe that change starts with us. Our firm is passionate about staying active in the community, from protecting the environment to supporting local women and children organizations.

As an independent financial planning practice, you can rest assured that you and your interests are the bottom line, not ours.

Experience the Vista Del Mar Difference today.

Thank you!