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Small Business Feature - Challenge Island San Diego Coastal

Small Business Feature - Challenge Island San Diego Coastal

November 18, 2020
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At Vista Del Mar Wealth Management, we applaud those that take big leaps of faith to taking their passions to the business forefront. For this week's Small Business Feature, we're highlighting Challenge Island - San Diego!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ritika Sehgal of Challenge Island - San Diego about her transition from Corporate Boss to Mom Boss, the learning curve that comes along with starting a business, and the successful transition of a hands-on experience into a hands-off Covid world.

Ritika started out in the corporate world, holding a job there for nearly 14 years.  Once she had her son, however, she realized there were things she wanted to do that she didn't have time for with a corporate job. Rikita wanted the opportunity to be home and continue to provide opportunities for her son to participate in enrichment activities outside the home. Enter Challenge Island - a STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math + Art = STEAM) that uses cross-curricular challenges and activities to give kiddos not only the STEAM curriculum, but also the social emotional development that is crucial - all while having fun learning.

Ritika has been a Challenge Island franchise owner here in San Diego for just over a year, and though starting any new ventures comes with its own set of challenges, she hasn't looked back. Challenge Island San Diego offers on-site workshops, after school programs, opportunities at local clubs, and most recently, a "home island" option to keep everyone and their families safe at home. The Home Island enrichment program provides interactive instruction by LIVE people (quite the departure from a simple "sit and watch" video), and kids are able to participate with items they can find in their own homes. 

Check out our exclusive interview!


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