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Be a Part of the VDM Movement

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. " - Margaret Mead

Big changes often times starts with the small ones, and though we're a boutique firm, we know we can make a big impact in what we do.  Through activism and giving back to our communities, we can create, and more importantly, sustain a better world for all of us. 

We've designed a unique way for clients to be a part of our movement: for every client that starts a relationship with our firm we are donating $20 in their honor to one of the organizations below.  Clients may have the choice for the contribution to be donated to an organization that means most to them instead of the ones listed.

These organizations share common beliefs as our firm, which is why support their efforts.  From environmental conservancy to providing important resources for youth and women, our clients can be a part of the Vista Del Mar Difference.  Together, we can fight the "good fight" for a better world.


Thriving Communities for the Environment

Thriving Communities for the Environment

Thriving Communities for People<b></b><i></i><sup></sup>

Thriving Communities for People

Take Action With Us

Want to get more involved with our community impact?  Check out our Facebook page to participate and stay updated with community service events throughout the year.  Feel good by doing good; it's a win for everyone!