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Be On Your Way to Financial Independence

Most people don’t wake up one day with a sudden burning desire to find a financial planner. It is usually a major life transition that triggers questions about your future.

Am I saving enough? Will I have enough money to retire comfortably?

How much can we afford to spend on a house? Are we ready for home ownership?

What’s the best way to save for my children’s college experience?

Is now the right time to pay off my debt, or should I start investing?

What happens when I die?  Do I have enough life insurance to protect my family?

We are all taught science, math, and history in school, but never have the opportunity to really grasp the simple and complex aspects of personal finance. You’re left to your own devices to figure out taxes, saving, and all the important elements of "adulting".  After doing your own research, you may become even more overwhelmed because of the thousands of options available to you.

Mapping Out Your Plan

Because there are so many options to choose from, we use your goals as the compass to navigate the direction we are taking.  And much like the ocean changing our course, we will work together to adjust your plan accordingly because, well, life happens!  

Depending on your goals, we partner with other professionals in real estate, tax planning and estate planning to incorporate their expertise in building and maintaining a solid financial plan.  Here are some of the common areas that we'll consider in your financial plan:

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is like putting pieces of the puzzle together to see the "bigger picture".  We discuss how to plan in these areas based off your most important financial goals:

*Budgeting and Savings (Cash Management)

*Retirement Accumulation and Income Planning

*Saving for College

*Risk Management

*Investment Planning

*Tax Planning Strategies

*Estate Planning

Business Planning

Building an empire requires a lot of work.  We are committed to being a dependable partner in that process, alongside other professionals to develop and help grow your business through:

*Retirement Plans

*Buy/Sell Agreements

*Key Person Insurance

*Succession Planning

*Educational Resources for Employer and Employees

Protect What You Love

Losing a loved one has a huge emotional impact, and in a lot of cases, can have an impact on our finances.  We evaluate your needs to find the best protection plan for what you've worked hard for, so that you focus on what matters: your family and your well-being.

*Life Insurance

*Estate Planning 

*Gifting Strategies

*Tax Planning Strategies with a CPA or Tax Professional