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Mahalene Dulay

Mahalene Dulay

Founder and Wealth Advisor


Financial planning is much more than a career; it’s my calling. As a proud daughter of Filipino immigrant parents, I grew up watching them start with little to their names to become successful entrepreneurs.  Though they worked hard to create the life they always wanted, my parents did it all on their own without much financial guidance.  The stress of having to figure it out themselves inspired me to take the entrepreneurial path where I can be a trusted partner for others, and to help them thrive in the lives they envisioned. 


I graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration/Finance, and started my career with a larger firm in San Diego.  When my second son was born, I realized that to grow my business and create a greater impact on my clients' lives and the communities I serve, I had to take a leap of faith and start my own firm. Thus, Vista Del Mar Wealth Management was born.


I hold my client relationships in high regard; I believe in working alongside them in their wealth journey. Though I have clients from different walks of life, I’m extremely passionate about working with purpose-driven mom entrepreneurs and female innovators.


Aside from my passion in serving others, I am an advocate for the environment and social equality.  I do this through implementing sustainability practices in my life, staying active in my community by hosting clean-ups and volunteering with local organizations that align with causes near to my heart.


As a San Diego native, I love the ocean and my city!  During my free time, I enjoy a good book or you can find me enjoying the outdoors with my family. As a working mom of two (three if you include my dog, Guiness), I understand the challenges of having to “balance it all” between family, business and community service. I strive to live my life with purpose, be present, and more importantly, give myself grace.  Motherhood is not easy, but having a strong support system is what keeps me going.  That's why I am committed to educating and helping women, especially my fellow mom entrepreneurs, feel more confident about their wealth journey.