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Empowered Investing for Women

<em>"Here's to Strong Women:&#160; May We Know Them.&#160; May We Raise Them.&#160; May We Be Them."</em>

Investing as a woman in our world today is much different than it was 40-50 years ago; we're living longer and have taken on more responsibilities both at home and in the workforce.  Every woman, regardless of her marital status, can benefit from taking an active role in managing her finances.  No matter your situation, background or knowledge, we strive to educate and empower women investors to feel confident about their financial planning decisions. 

"Here's to Strong Women: May We Know Them.  May We Raise Them.  May We Be Them"

The Mompreneur.  You're expected to maintain your home and your business, but we know that it "takes a village" to create balance in your life.  As a financial partner in your village, we help maximize your time with your family and your business by developing and managing a financial plan for both areas.

The In-Transitioner .  Life changes happen all the time, and it can be emotionally draining having to think about where to go from there.  Whether it's a divorce or a death of your spouse, we will walk side by side with you through this transition and help you find your ground again with a plan that fits your needs.

The Independent.  Your everyday motivator is focusing on just your own personal goals, whether it was part of your "original" plan or not.  At Vista Del Mar Wealth Management, we create and build foundations for your financial goals, and are here to empower you through life's journey.

The Head of the Household.  Though the main handler of daily finances for the household, we often find our dedicated stay-at-home moms with little involvement in the retirement or investing side of planning.  We educate and provide strategies to create more confidence in long-term planning, and encourage a team dialogue with your spouse.  

The Young Visionary.  Coming into adulthood can be daunting, but you're ready to take the challenge head on to make your mark in this world.  Our team can provide guidance through debt management, investing and savings to set a foundation for long-term success.  We are here to be a force of change with you.

Take charge of your financial future today.  

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